Research Centre on Territorial,
Urban and Rural Sciences

The Research Centre on Territorial, Urban and Rural Sciences (Lepur) brings together research units and researchers specialising in the field of territorial and urban development at the University of Liège.

Lepur’s scientific plan depends on the development of knowledge, methods and strategic tools to ensure better management of territorial development and the better use of its resources. This research programme responds to a societal demand as well as to regional and European developmental strategies. It contributes to strengthening the economic development and attractiveness of the town as well as the sustainable development of the territory and the rural environment in all its forms.

To learn more about Lepur’s activities, please have a look on the by laws and download the PDF in English. You can go through the different headings of our website in French.
The heading « Publications » will give you a link to the database ORBi (Open Repository and Bibliography) of the University of Liège (ULg). Some scientific articles, journals or summaries are available in an English version.

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